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Gonzalez’s goal is to reveal Maduro’s “betrayal” of the Revolution, but this betrayal takes the form of a catch-22: the government is ineffective, but if it attempts to act, it is authoritarian; when it defends itself in a far less heavy-handed fashion than most governments would, it is repressive; it is fiscally irresponsible, but criticized for turning out of desperation to extractive projects like the Arco Minero; if it fails to fill the shelves, it is useless, but collaborating with private companies to do so is high treason; and when an admittedly problematic socialist party (the PSUV ) acts in a partisan way — this being, after all, what revolutionary parties are meant to do — it becomes an “instrument of political repression.”

Clearing the plan cache causes a recompilation of all subsequent execution plans and can cause a sudden, temporary decrease in query performance. For each cleared cachestore in the plan cache, the SQL Server error log contains the following informational message: " SQL Server has encountered %d occurrence(s) of cachestore flush for the '%s' cachestore (part of plan cache) due to some database maintenance or reconfigure operations". This message is logged every five minutes as long as the cache is flushed within that time interval.

Rogue designed the fully customizable power racks of the Monster Series to meet the high demands of the top professional, collegiate, and high school athletic facilities in the world. We used bigger, 3x3” 11-gauge steel tubing, over-sized 1” hardware, and a bolt-together design for easier portability and affordable shipping. With Version , we’ve also rolled out a number of new features, including a wide spectrum of custom color options, laser-cut pin position numbers on the uprights and bottom crossmembers, and a keyhole pattern on the sides of each upright—creating compatibility with more add-ons and attachments . Check out all the custom options available on the RM-6 Monster Rack below.

Tbol gains

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