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Business Units (BU)
How did the BU's fare? Despite the umpteenth mild winter, Provifrost® continues to do excellently, thanks to its sustained geographical expansion.
Proviplast® did fine as well, with a strong increase in the sales of Proviplast® 024, a nylon plasticizer. That success story is largely due to bigger volumes in China, where Proviron managed to beat a local competitor with a product made in Ostend. Provichem® had a somewhat poorer year, and Commodities was reduced drastically following the production cessation of biodiesel, as well as the sale of PBC. Provifeed®’s turnover continued to rise, but less than forecast. Aquaculture had to deal with some setbacks of a technical nature. Proviplast®iX thrived, evolving from product development to market development. Finally, Tolling remains in outstanding shape.

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Proviron sale

proviron sale


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