Primo water test

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Honestly, I could not find any differences between these two bottled waters during the blind taste test. Here is the thing, the ingredients in both are pretty much the same; natural mineral water and carbonation . However, the TJ's brand has 35mg of sodium per 8 ounce (240 ML) serving which I was certain I would be able to detect. I could not taste the sodium. The Pellegrino has 10 mg of sodium per 8 ounce (240 ML) serving. The sodium content is negligible in terms of swaying my choice of one over the other, even if hypertensive concerns apply. What does sway me is the price. With the flavor and texture being virtually identical, the cost alone is well worth switching to the Trader Joe's brand. Which, since this little test, I have done!

Hi Erika. I think if you have a really sensitive stomach, synthetic urine would be the go-to. But that also comes down to what you know about the supervision when submitting your sample (will you be watched or not?). It’s also more affordable than a proper detox. Other than that, if one is set to detox, you’re on the right track of really making sure with home test kits. I actually never used the test clear multi panel tests since I stick to weed. Either way, if you’re ordering several tests, I’d go with amazon instead since it gets a lot cheaper at less than a buck per test when you buy like 10 of them and usually good shipping options.

Primo water test

primo water test


primo water testprimo water testprimo water testprimo water testprimo water test