Primo test nucleare francese

Proceeds totalled 38,513 million euros (33,787 million in 2005, + %). EBITDA were 8,019 million euros (7,745 million in 2005, +%); net of an allocation of around 400 million euros for an operating excellence plan, EBITDA 2006 increased by % over 2005. EBIT were 5,819 million euros (5,538 million in 2005, +%). The Group’s net profits were 3,036 million euros (3,895 million in 2005, - %); net of the contribution by Wind and Terna , the Group’s net profits in 2006, increased by % over 2005. Net financial borrowing totalled 11,690 million euros (12,312 million at 31 December 2005, -%). The total dividend offered for the whole 2006 financial year was euros per share (of which euros per share was paid in advance in November 2006). [ citation needed ]

The first paper seemed to point out a contradiction between the electrodynamic theory and the relativistic one concerning the calculation of the electromagnetic masses, as the former predicted a value of 4/3 U/c 2 . Fermi addressed this the next year in a paper "Concerning a contradiction between electrodynamic and the relativistic theory of electromagnetic mass" in which he showed that the apparent contradiction was a consequence of relativity. This paper was sufficiently well-regarded that it was translated into German and published in the German scientific journal Physikalische Zeitschrift in 1922. [21] That year, Fermi submitted his article "On the phenomena occurring near a world line " ( Sopra i fenomeni che avvengono in vicinanza di una linea oraria ) to the Italian journal I Rendiconti dell'Accademia dei Lincei . In this article he examined the Principle of Equivalence , and introduced the so-called " Fermi coordinates ". He proved that on a world line close to the time line, space behaves as if it were a Euclidean space . [22] [23]

Primo test nucleare francese

primo test nucleare francese


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