Natural male hormone pills

Men suffering from hair loss generally have elevated levels of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in their scalp. DHT is a chemical by-product of the male hormone testosterone. When testosterone gets converted to DHT in the scalp, the result is hair loss. Procerin's active ingredients are specifically formulated to block this transformation into DHT, and stop the hair loss that DHT causes.

Procerin blocks DHT without reacting with testosterone (as some prescription medications do). This can stop the further loss of hair from the scalp without the sexual side effects of prescription drugs like finasteride (Propecia). Men of all ages, and all levels of hair loss, can benefit from Procerin. Whether you are concerned about stopping hair loss before it becomes a problem, or already have significant loss of hair, Procerin can help.

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Natural male hormone pills

natural male hormone pills


natural male hormone pillsnatural male hormone pillsnatural male hormone pillsnatural male hormone pillsnatural male hormone pills