Mast prop only

yea I heard that about hair loss but wit tren tho, but only if your genetically predisposed to baldness then it only speeds it up… My dad is bald and my grandpa is bald but I’m 29 i have thick hair no receding hairline or anything like my dad was already going bald early around age 21 so I dodged a bullet there but I’m only taking the tren and mast for 3weeks at 375mg a wk altogether and during that the test would be at 300 for those 3 weeks, isn’t that light for a cycle to be worried about hair loss? And I’m skinny I have no body fat and when I took test I gained about 10lbs muscle and 10lbs water and when I lost the water my muscles were still lacked definition some days and then other days you can see every muscle and line like I was one of those picture diagrams you see in a science class so I want the mast to help with muscle definition but I’m sure it’s more important how I train like more reps with less weight and isometric excersizes or watever I still have a lot to research as I go along

If you do not want to use a lot of injectable testosterone or that use a small amount, or even not use trenbolone, Masteron is in many cases the ideal alternative for inclusion in a perfect combination of steroids. Also, in certain situations, Drostanolone Propionate can be used as the only injectable in a steroid cycle. One of the most important points in Masteron is that it does not aromatize.
Should it aromatize, its use in the treatment of cancer would be impossible, because any drug used for this purpose has to reduce or at least can not increase the level of estrogen.

Mast prop only

mast prop only


mast prop onlymast prop onlymast prop onlymast prop onlymast prop only