Lol diana vs riven


Riven is a VERY good counter to Diana, the other people saying she doesn't or it's an even match up haven't seen it or haven't done it. Pre-6 is a nightmare for Diana as she doesn't have her ult to keep up in damage. Riven can zone her from level 1. If Diana tries to fight she will run out of mana very quickly while riven can spam her abilities all day long. After 6 Riven still out damages her in a straight 1v1, and once again by this time Diana will need blue buff to even compete with the constant spam of abilities that riven can put up (this is assuming she's still on even ground). Diana would have to build armor as well such as ninja tabi no question about it, but again with the new armor penetration it'd still be in Riven's favor...

Lol diana vs riven

lol diana vs riven


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