Lol diana runes build

I’m noob so I can be wrong, but imo Beth + Emma are making too many attacks in their turns for beginner’s team.
Because of that Your healers can’t deal with giant’s passive which is triggered too fast.
Another thing is lack of defensive dispell.
I’d try change Emma (glancing debuff + armor def overlap with Shannon’s I think) to other healer with dispell or revive if I was You.
If that won’t help I’d try with different DD. But I think that team (before and after changes) needs better stats than minimum in guide
(no bernard = no speed buff / attack break).
Hope it’ll help somehow 🙂

So psudo-science it is! the myan show plausible i guess logic alone makes that seem plausible. I mean if i was running a civilization in central america 1000 years ago I would follow the coast with expansion just for simple logistic reasoning trasnportation along the coast makes sense, beyond that you went into lala land a 12th centuary brit in arizona.... if you dont dig the body up then its just a hoax get the permits! do it. to hell with the permits just get a shovel and live up to the Indiana jones billing they put on you! life is not about following rules! next was the non fired clay tablet...... um umm no way it would survive 5k years simple rain watter would have whiped the slate clean in under 20 years even burried water flows threw soil and tree roots would have broken it up shoot smithsonian was right fraud! now if you want people to remotely take you seriously show some real Minoan script and same thing with the ingot sample you talk about but never show! 1/2 the dang show is filled with filler anyhow so dont tell us you did not have room to put in some relavent info shoddy work man very shoddy. The premise of the show is cool but you need to put some real science and some phds into it most of the people you interview are all sympathetic and seem scripted and look like they are a rung shy of imbreeding on the dna ladder. Do Radio carbon dateing on stuff if not then get off the air!

Lol diana runes build

lol diana runes build


lol diana runes buildlol diana runes buildlol diana runes buildlol diana runes buildlol diana runes build