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"The CubbyHouse has been amazing for our family. In less than a week our two youngest were in a sleeping routine. CubbyHouse helped make the transition to work really smooth. Staff are positive, cheerful, helpful and the kids have developed great bonds with all their teachers. They are happy to come in in the morning and tell me about their day on the way home. The provided meals have been a real positive, with a fussy 3 year old now eating a variety. The kids get on really well with each other and we are stoked to be “at home” with the CubbyHouse." (Anneke Smit - Masterton)

In On Her Majesty's Secret Service , they include Blofeld 's Angels of Death . In Moonraker (1979) this included members of Hugo Drax 's "master race" and a group of women encountered by Bond in the jungles of Brazil , in For Your Eyes Only (1981) many women were seen frolicking around a villain's pool, while in Octopussy (1983) they served mainly as the title character's servants and guards. In A View to A Kill (1985) they adorned Max Zorin 's outdoor reception and in The Living Daylights (1987) they served as decorations at the villain's swimming pool and later Bond overpasses a harem in Tangiers. Although the Bond films haven't stopped making use of feminine "eye candy" completely, such large "Bond girl groups" have not featured again since The Living Daylights .

I want to record my heartfelt sympathy to relatives and friends of the victims of the shooting outrage in Cumbria, UK. It is particularly sad for me as Susan Hughes one of the twelve fatalities is my first cousin. As children she and her brother John were like a brother and sister to me as we were brought up together in our home town of Whitehaven. Susan had two children, one is severely disabled and Susan spent more than half her life caring for the disabled child. She was walking home carrying her shopping when she was attacked. James McGregor

James masterton

james masterton


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