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A. “You’ve developed this paralysis so you can stay with your parents. You must deal with this conflict if you want to walk again.”
B. “It must be awful not to be able to move your legs. You may feel better if you realize the problem is psychological, not physical.”
C. “Your problem is real but there is no physical basis for it. We’ll work on what is going on in your life to find out why it’s happened.”
D. “It isn’t uncommon for someone with your personality to develop a conversion disorder during times of stress .”

Very good information about cluttering. Thanks. However, I am stuck at your comment about the university girl. Maybe she has no interest in success. Maybe she can see other areas of the living experience, you say she was intelligent. Maybe it is the pressure in society to succeed, and the pressure for competition which puts her into this disorder. You’ll never know. Even psychologists and psychiatrists cannot explain everything. Experts know only what is known so far; not everything. So I think it is best to accept everybody as they are, so that everybody will feel free to evolve and heal themselves. I am sure you channeled her to a psychiatrist, maybe she was in depression, which can have a long period of precipitation. I think people go to help by an expert for a cry of help and an expert’s first job must be to channel people to other professionals, not to stigmatize.
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Importance of women informing clinicians if they are or plan to become pregnant or plan to breast-feed. 187 190 Importance of clinicians informing patients about the benefits and risks of taking antipsychotics during pregnancy (see Fetal/Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality under Cautions). 187 190 Importance of advising patients not to stop taking haloperidol if they become pregnant without consulting their clinician; abruptly discontinuing antipsychotic agents may cause complications. 190 Importance of advising patients not to breast-feed during haloperidol therapy. 187

Haldol concentrate

haldol concentrate


haldol concentratehaldol concentrate