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Yeah. And I’ve always thought Madonna is an album artist. It was surprising for me that people don’t think so and buy greatest hits. She doesn’t have a reputation of being a “real musician” and singer-songwriter like Adele. People considered her being a bitch and slut. And that’s why it’s really hard for her now, without radio support and MTV. But even in 80s Cher was asking Madonna to write songs for her because “she can’t sing herself”. Maybe Madonna trubute-albums of alternative music like “Through the Wilderness” help a little bit to conquer slut-shaming narrative. But since I remember myself “whore Madonna” wasn’t “cool” among schoolchildren and students of 90s and 00s. I hope she reconciled with the idea of low sales and won’t blame Interscope or Universal for that like Michael Jackson did with Sony (according to Tommy Mottola).

I probably didn’t chop the broccoli quite fine enough on this first attempt, so next time I’ll cut the stems and florets coarsely, then pulse them in the food processor. And for those wondering, no, the broccoli isn’t cooked first. Rolling the semi-crumbly/sticky mixture into balls didn’t work well for me, but gently squeezing them into ball shapes worked fine as long as I placed them very gently on the baking pan. Next time I might use a cookie dough scoop to make sure they are more uniformly sized. They can be spaced rather close together, too – almost touching. I baked them in a large convection toaster oven and they fit perfectly on a 12″ square baking pan.

Diana popularity lol

diana popularity lol


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