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Stanton’s next few years are going to be interesting. This is his prime, and if he maintains anything close to this for the next few years, he may choose to opt out of his contract and hit free agency in 2020. (If he doesn’t, he’s still owed $295 million over the next 10 years.) But will he be a Marlin even that long? With new ownership coming in, Stanton and his massive contract could be traded to make room for a full rebuild; he’s also young enough that if new ownership is willing to spend, he’s the type of player they could build around.

This is absolutely THE worst job I have ever had. No management…..The employees are insufferable stealing cash, food gas and customers money. I reported these issues and not one thing was done. I still had to work with people who show up just to do nothing but take advantage. I walked out yesterday after being there 6 hours with no break. My co worker left early and the other was late. This is a minute issue compared to the rest of the problems. Ants…rats and lazy employees to name a few. PLEASE INVESTIGATE THIS FRANCHISE!!!!

Diana lol rung

diana lol rung


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