Diana boldt

Topic:  Miami provides the access, infrastructure and a well-established network for optimal transport of pharmaceutical products throughout the Americas. In 2015, Miami International Airport (MIA) was designated by IATA as the first pharma hub in the . and the second in the world. MIA underwent the process to become a Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) Pharma Certification Program which certifies that pharma products are transported in accordance with global best practices. This panel will discuss how together with the airlines, and supply chain partners, Miami offers the safe and secure transport of these products to market. 

Each member of the Strategic Alliance serves a distinct group of stakeholders, yet all members have a shared interest in advancing the athletic training profession. The Strategic Alliance collaborate throughout the year to discuss research and deliberate on current topics of interest to the profession; solicit feedback from the public; and communicate findings and positions to all stakeholders. The Strategic Alliance offers its joint statements in an informed manner based upon what is best for students, patients, the public and the profession.

Diana boldt

diana boldt


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