Debolt family

So far, Matilda was right on track – get married and have a passel of kids. In May 1850, Matilda’s world came down around her. William became ill and died, 2) William Skinner, 1850 mortality schedule, Reading Township, Perry County, Ohio, page 925. leaving her to raise the children. Matilda and the children are enumerated in Reading Township, Perry County, Ohio 3) Matilda Skinner household, 1850 federal census (population schedule), page 353a, household 456, family 456. shortly after William’s death. It’s at this point that any resemblance of “normalcy” is gone.

                                             The Ryder Ericsson is 1/4 scale of the full size engine. Casting kit model produced by Myers Model Engine Works. The flywheel is diameter. Propane is used to heat the hot end in firebox. Water cools the top end.

Debolt family

debolt family


debolt familydebolt familydebolt familydebolt familydebolt family