Dbol as pre workout

In my mid to late 20s and then early 30s I was HIT all the way. Then, priorities changed and I fell out of it completely. I’ve been struggling now in my 40s to get back into it. Starting and stopping. I read your article and decided to try lighter and more reps. I’m glad I did. It’s been a huge mental help knowing I don’t have to hit it heavy, initially, like I used to. I will probably start varying my workouts now as I slowly bring lifting back into my life. But have to say hi volume is a fantastic start! I’ve got all the old soreness back! Lol… oh how I miss that feeling

I'm looking for something new, several years i'm doing each muscle group at the certain day and do not mix them. Like Monday chest & biceps, Wednesday back and triceps, Friday Legs and shoulders. And it's really hard to stay all other days without a visit to the gym!!! One more thing is if I do legs only once in the week, every time its like a first time! I mean painful. What you think if I would change it to Muscle & Strength Intermediate Full Body Workout would it do any better? And what should I do the other days as can't keep my self home :) by the way im 35.
Thanks in advance!

Dbol as pre workout

dbol as pre workout


dbol as pre workoutdbol as pre workoutdbol as pre workoutdbol as pre workoutdbol as pre workout