Dbolt anchor

A question that constantly pops up in Motorcycle and Bicycle forums alike, is how to secure a bike that is stored in a wooden shed. One answer is to attach a wall anchor to the sheds framework, another is to fill a large plastic storage box with concrete and with an anchorage point buried into the concrete mix. Another is to cut a large hole into the sheds floor to fit an anchor into the ground which can be a difficult task to drill the concrete and also to screw in the bolts in a recessed and confined area. Even more difficult is if the shed is standing on a soft surface such as earth, gravel, or tarmac, bolt fixing anchors can not be used so a concrete fixing anchor would be necessary and to do this would mean a very large area of the shed floor would need to be removed. This can both weaken the floor and take up a lot of storage space.

Dbolt anchor

d bolt anchor


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