Hi! Thanks for this, very informative! I have been using unrefined, virgin cold pressed coconut oil for the last 3 years as my body lotion and I love it! However the scent can be a bit overpowering (or so my parents say). I tried dropping in some peppermint oil whenever I whip up my semi-solid coconut oil to use and it worked a bit but not really. I don't want to stop using it as it has done wonders for my skin, lightening any scars I have, I have no rashes on my chest or back, etc. However the strong smell is the issue. What essential oil can I add to it to make the smell less potent? Or should I use something entirely different that smells good but won't make me react/keep my body acne away? Please help. Thanks!

Thank you for this post. Such an encouragement to do what I know is good and right!!! I was wondering about the food rotation you had mentioned. We are gluten free, dairy free, egg free and we are adding more limitations. We are putting one of our daughters on a low oxalate diet (this has been recommended by our Dr to help our daughter as her digestion is a mess, and in helping her digestion we will help her behavior, as she has some SPD issues) and this is a struggle for me. I am struggling in the planning of our meals. If it were just this one issue I don’t think I would be struggling so much. We are being tested on many fronts right now. We have just had our sixth child and what a sweet blessings he is to us a precious gift!!!! No complaints about him but mama is tired and my brain is just a bit slower processing. No one I know has had to do this type of food shift. So that is why I am asking you for wisdom and insight on the food rotation. Thank you for your blog!! Thank you for your time in reading this note!!!